Knowledge is power. Let's upgrade your pantry shelves and enhance your life.

Pantry Makeover and Grocery Tour services include:

A thorough makeover of your pantry, out with the junk, in with the good! This service involves me coming to your home and helping you locate the toxic and chemically laden foods lurking in your pantry and/or fridge. I’ll teach you how to read labels, we’ll make a list of what’s good and what should go (and why). By the end we’ll create a shopping list of healthy replacements.  We can follow this up with a tour at your local grocery store where I can show you how to shop “clean” and affordably and where I’ll give you recommendations for the best quality meat, dairy, and fish to buy with an explanation of why grass-fed, pasture raised, and wild caught are so important for your health and our environment.

This can be split into 2 days or all done in the same day where we can meet at your home to assess what you need, and then tour your local store.
A great bonus add-on to this service is a 1 hour cooking lesson where I will show you how to utilize ynew ingredients and create nourishing, healing meals in the comfort of your home. PLUS, written recipes for the dishes we create.
With the knowledge you gain you are going to have the confidence to maneuver the grocery store, picking the highest quality ingredients for your health.  Food labels will no longer be overwhelming and you will make smart choices with ease.  You only have one you and one body, it’s time you take your health into your own hands.  Having the confidence to navigate your local grocery store and to be able to properly stock your pantry and fridge might be just the missing piece you’ve been in search of.